In a world where everything has shifted to a digital first approach, digital marketing has become a vital component to any company's success. At Pixel By Pixel we use powerful online platforms like Google Search, Facebook, Instagram and Email Marketing to help our clients generate more leads and grow their business online.

Our Services

Our digital marketing company offers the following services to help you succeed online.

Digital Marketing Plans

Millions of people are looking for products and services online. We use digital marketing to get your company in front of these potential buyers.
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Website Design

Your website is the core of all your digital marketing efforts. We ensure its optimized and ready to convert your visitors into paying customers.
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Search Engine Optimization

Let us boost your Google rankings and online visibility with our professional search engine optimization services.
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Social Media Marketing

Grow your social media following and generate more leads on the most powerful social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.
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Paid Search / PPC Marketing

Generate more leads and sales by getting your products in front of high intent audiences by using PayPerClick platforms such as Google Ads.
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Graphic Design

Your brand is the first impression people get of your company. If your brand doesn’t look amazing, people will have a hard time trusting you.
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Why digital marketing works

Tap into the power of the internet to gain an unfair advantage in your market sector.

1. Its the most powerful form of marketing.

Imagine reaching all the people that are spending more time than ever before on their phones and the internet.
Digital marketing gives you the unique ability to target, reach and engage these people instantly and directly.

2. Its the most cost-effective form of marketing.

Because digital marketing has the ability to target specific types of audiences, you can spend your marketing budget focusing on the people that are the most likely to convert into actual paying customers.

3. Its the most measurable form of marketing.

How do you know if your current marketing is working? By using real-time analytics and reporting software, we can take the guess work out of marketing, thus increasing your return on marketing investment.

Some of our work

We love helping companies grow online with our digital marketing services.

Maxi's Mokopane

Maxi's Mokopane needed an E-Commerce website to help them sell their delicious food to Mokopane customers online.
One of the websites designed by Pixel By Pixel

Shutter and Flyscreen Design

Shutter and Flyscreen Designs needed a small website to start gaining traction in the online market for home improvements.
Search engine optimization done by Pixel By Pixel

Mali Mali Safari Lodge

Mali Mali Safari Lodge needed their website optimized for lead generation via Google Adwords aswell as Facebook Ad Campaigns.

MegaLove Foundation

In conjunction with BrandEvolutionz, we developed this website for the Megalove Foundation, a charity organization founded in Limpopo.
A landing page designed for Google Ads by Pixel By Pixel Digital Agency

Dynamic Detergents

Dynamic Detergents is a chemical production company that needed a refreshed website to test online sales with a Google Ads campaign.
An E-commerce website designed by Pixel By Pixel Digital Agency

Simply Pizza

Simply Pizza didnt have a website when we first started working with them in 2016. Now their website orders totals 23% of all revenue.

How digital marketing SHOULD work

Innovative strategy + great action = success


Brand Development

Creating a beautiful brand at the start of your business will improve your perceived value with potential clients, and set you up for success in the long run when compares to penny-pincher competitors.


Website Design

After your beautiful brand has been designed, the next phase is to build a website founded in strategy, which includes competitor research, audience research and more, all wrapped into a mobile friendly website.


Social Media Setup

Once your website has been established, its time to setup your social media channels with professionally designed cover photos and banners, ensuring we can start getting the word out about your new company.


Search Engine Optimization

Now that your website has been indexed on Google and all the analytical software has been installed, its time to start improving search rankings by using phase 1 SEO techniques, which includes building local back links and optimizing load times to improve domain authority.


PayPerClick Marketing

Once phase 1 SEO has been implemented, we buy some traffic with PayPerClick ads such as Google Ads, as this increase in traffic will show us how people are using the website, and how we can optimize page conversion rates with landing page A/B split testing.


Social Media Marketing

Now that the website is starting its ranking journey, we start building your social media presence with brand awareness and lead generation campaigns to build even more trust with potential customers online.


Content Marketing

Once we have gathered enough data about your ideal customers through Google Analytics and Facebook Insights, we start generating content that will be useful to them, establishing your brand as the market authority in your field, leading to more brand trust and sales.


Track Results, Optimize and Repeat

With the first digital marketing cycle completed, we have enough data to compare which channels are converting the best for your company, how to optimize even more and then repeat the process again.

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