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This is why we love digital marketing.

We have 2 reasons why we love our job. One, we love helping people succeed online. It might sound cheesy, but seeing our clients succeed online because of our hard work is a fantastic feeling. Secondly, we love the internet and all the cool things we get to build on it. *Also the money is great.
We love making mistakes. Mistakes help us learn, it helps us grow. For the past 7 years we have made the shift towards a growth mindset where we continuously learn and experiment with all the different aspects of digital marketing, and how to optimize it for our clients.

About Us

The awkward about us section

A long long time ago...

I started with web and graphic design somewhere in 2014 by just learning the basic languages of the internet. I fell in love with the coding aspect and applied it to the rebuilding of bad websites to help small companies compete with the big brands online.

I started under another company name, called Simply SEO as I saw the high demand for this service in Polokwane. I read everything I could from the top 5 big SEO companies online, and then I read it again...
Unfortunately I found that most companies in Polokwane was not ready to invest in this weird SEO service back in 2014/2015. So I decided to broaden our expertise into digital marketing services.

First we dove deep into graphic design, and our first designs were really really bad, but like the old Afrikaans saying goes "aanhouers wen". So we kept trying and improving, and slowly but surely our work got better and more professional.

Next up was copy writing, and boy oh boy was it a fascinating challenge. Copywriting gives you this magical ability to tell better stories, to explain products better and most importantly, to sell better online. 

And after these fundamentals we started applying all our skills to Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing too.

And this brings us to now, the 4th revision website we've built, with tons of digital marketing experience and competitive nature to have our clients win online too.
- Ian Cahn, owner of Pixel By Pixel

About Our Brand

Building companies pixel by pixel

About our brand name

A lot of brain power has gone into our name decision but we finally chose Pixel By Pixel for the simple reason that this is exactly how we approach life and projects - step by step/brick by brick ect...

A pixel is the smallest graphic element block in design so we wanted our logo to reflect that. We brainstormed and figured out that we needed to combine the "block" approach with our double P's. 

We then played around and found a concept online that gave us the inspiration to proudly design our current logo that we will be using for a very long time.

Our approach to marketing

We always try to approach both business and marketing with the Kaizen mentality of continuous improvement.

Kaizen in short is about always improving and finding ways to innovate and optimize everything in life and business.

We believe that if something is not busy growing, its busy dying. So we use this idea to push ourselves to think differently about our digital marketing efforts and business.

Our mission statement

Our mission is to become one of the best digital marketing companies in South Africa, while growing our international client-base at the same time.

We plan to do this by delivering better quality services than our competitors that are not following the Kaizen principle.

Most design companies don't really understand the seriousness of their services, and that is that your action directly impacts a company's well being and livelihood. We understand this, so we always strive to give our best to help our clients succeed through our marketing efforts.

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