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First impressions always matters. Graphic design has the important role of attracting and informing future clients about your company's brand and products.
Introducing your new remarkable brand. With years of graphic design and marketing experience, we know which graphic designs will work, and which ones just won't. If you feel your company needs a fresh new look or needs some new life breathed back into it, we are here for you.

Our graphic design services

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Brand Development

For clients that feel their brand needs a refresh, we offer brand development to breathe new life into a brand with a fresh logo, popping colors and professional typography too.

Professional Logo Design

A well designed logo can make the difference between landing a dream client, and failing miserably. If there is one thing you shouldn't be cheap on, its your logo design.

Professional Ad Design

At the core of any successful marketing campaign is the ability to design beautiful ads that catches customer attention, then quickly and clearly conveys your offers too.

Some of our design work:

Why graphic design matters

More than just some pretty pictures


Graphic design enhances sales

Professionally created design can make your products look better, as people get a subconscious message from quality design.


Design establishes a company’s name

Great graphics can help establish a company in a certain niche market, helping it stand out from market competition.


Conveys Clear Brand Message

Great graphics are designed to support the copy(fancy word for advert message) to evoke emotion and responses.


First impressions matter

Graphic design needs to make a lasting impression, and poorly designed ads can have a negative impact on your brand too.


Creativity kills your competition

Creativity used correctly in graphic design and advertisements can keep you ahead of the competitors in your marketplace. People remember great ads, just look at Nando's and their successful ad campaigns.

Our Creative Process

Advertisement is where art meets sales


Discovery and Brainstorming Phase

Because brand and logo development is so important, we always start a new project by defining what project success would look like. After this we have a brainstorming session to really understand the client and their market space. We then align these goals and brainstorming notes with market research, to ensure we are able to deliver a brand that stands out, and suits our clients on their brand personality too.


Design and Revision Phase

During our design phase, we use a 60/20/20 design approach to gather various ideas and brand directions. We then present these 3 directions to our client to pick from. Once a baseline direction has been chosen, we pick the best elements from all three directions, and start designing the concepts of the first of two revision rounds.


Deliver and Launch Phase

Once we went through the revision rounds and ensured that everyone is happy and understands the new brand launch, we compile a how to brand guide to ensure that all future design elements will stay on brand point along with a custom online folder where all of our clients can easily retrieve their brand elements with having to call someone.

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