Building systems to run your agency like a boss

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3 minutes

This is a quick growth hacking tool, to save time building out company SOP's

Pain Point 1 : Marketing

How are you creating content? How are you expanding your reach? How are you engaging with your community?

Pain Point 2: Sales

Selling value and consistency.

Pain Point 3 : Fulfillment

Delegation is key. How are you running your creative media? Who is building your Facebook Ads? Who is optimizing your Google Ads?

Pain Point 4 : Operational Resilience

Team Wellness
Bookkeeping & Taxes
Legal Requirements

How do you create SOP's(standard operation procedures):

Video and Audio capture your SOP's. Building your playbook this way enables you to have a bit more of a creative approach. This also provides you with the ability to go back and re-watch certain main points that you might have missed with just in person meetings. Also showing people instead of explaining makes understanding your SOP even faster.

Delegation through documentation:

At the end of the day, you don't write SOP, you capture them.