Can businesses thrive without digital marketing?

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We all know that things have been getting tough in South Africa. With all the load shedding, a weaker Rand and an overall slow economy, its fair to say smaller companies has been under major stress the past few years.

This pressure leads companies to look at different strategies when it comes to marketing and what they can do to keep the doors open.

One of main attention grabbers has been the power of the internet, and how exactly online marketing can help your business grow in these times.

One of the best statistics that digital marketing has, is that 80% of people do research online before actually spending money. Let that sink in…. 80%.

This means that if your company has no internet presence, you are only competing for around 20% of the customers available out there.
Now imagine what your company could like if you had access to the other 80% of people? We aren’t psychics, but we bet that it looks like a great picture.

And its exactly for this reason, that a lot of small companies in South Africa has started taking the online marketing world seriously.

But to put the cherry on the cake, what makes digital marketing even better, (besides the fact that you are now competing on a larger “more fair” playing field), is that you can use digital analytics actually understand the demographics of your potential clients.

And with this new found superpower, companies can adapt their marketing messages, and spend their budgets where its the most likely to convert visitors into actual money spending customers.

In conclusion, we as South Africans have this saying of “a Boer maak ‘n plan”, and it seems that digital marketing is that plan for small businesses in Southern Africa.