Our summary on Seth Godin @ Adworld2021

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Disclaimer: We wrote this while watching AdWorld2021 live, so please excuse any spelling, "sic" or grammar errors.

The topic of the video was a wonderful one, "Inside Seth Godin’s Mind: Dissecting the Timeless Principles of Marketing and Human Behavior".

One great thing we learned, was that Seth has the need to be able to explain how things in the world work. This can be as simple as how refrigerators work, why some brands out-perform others. His answer was that creative people have writers block from time to time, but no one has "talkers-block". Meaning that everyone always has something to say, and by listening and understanding the people and things around him, he could then formulate the best version of all these ideas, make money from it and be well-known for this skill.

His take on cookies moving to extinction by the year 2023:

The ability to share cookie information, to actually target people so precisely, was shocking. In a world where stealing attention and stealing data, Permission marketing.

If you didn't steal the data, if you didn't have cookies, would your clients ask : "Where have you been?"

If we don't regulate the data permission structures, you are actually helping the people that need regulating the most. The scammers, the spying, all the people on the side of bad, will keep on stealing your information if we don't have certain rules in place.

The minimum viable audience:

Television and retail rewards the largest audiences, but digital marketing via micro-media ensures that you can reach the right audience, at the right time. This is more impactful, and more profitable for your bottom-line.

Just like with SEO, everyone wants to be number one, but not everyone can, so how can you attempt success? The answer is to - surprise surprise - is to know your audience, and craft attractive content for them.

How Seth became so good at copywriting:

Looking at the Nigerian scams, he saw that the spelling mistakes in these emails was actually to signal to higher IQ people that this is a scam, which means they wont proceed with replying to the scammers. The flipside is also true, for lower IQ people, this looks real enough, the grammar and spelling mistakes are not coming up red flags, and they are hooking further into these 419 scams. What a crazy concept! This goes further into making sure your copywriting applies to your actual target audience. What a great but extreme example. Thanks Seth.

Secondly, teaching people that wants to the taught, will always outperform interrupting people that doesn't want to be interrupted.

How can brands reach the younger GEN Z:

Sort by price. High quality price is always one click away. If your product is 10 times more expensive, you better have a damn good reason why it is. On the other side of the coin, if you are competing as a cheaper option, a cheaper option than you will always be available.