The Clicks Marketing Blunder

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3 minutes

In the world of cancel and outrage culture, its strange to see that one of our very own South African brands has fallen prey. Clicks which has been in business since 1996, has this week been thrown into the lions den when they used a poorly chosen image for their advert.

The image which has since been removed from their website, shows black hair as "frizzy and dull" hair versus white hair as "normal hair". This did not go over well on social media and when the the EFF saw this, they got outraged and sent a list of demands to Clicks head office. Included in this list was that all Clicks branches across South Africa should be closed until 12 September.

From a designer point of view, its easy to see how this mistake could have been made, but from a marketing standpoint, we believe some higher management should have surely spotted the potential problem and just compare before and after pictures of the same kind of hair.

We don't really want to get into the politics side of things, but rather show what can happen when the attention to detail slips up in marketing efforts.

We do really hope this can be solved quickly, as the current economic climate plus this blunder could really hurt Clicks, and potentially a lot of their staff wages too.

Our closing tip would be to always look at your adverts through a wide lens of political correctness to ensure your brand stays clear of drama like this.