Will machine learning(ai) ever take over marketing?

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3 minutes

With December being a month where most business close down for the festive season, we had a lot of time to just relax and reflect.

And the most exciting topic for us was ” how will AI(machine learning) impact the marketing of small business?”

And we are not talking about someone opening a pie shop in a shopping mall. We are talking about the small companies of about 15 employees, but don’t necessarily have all the resources to employ teams of Data Scientists and programmers.

What we found is that there are awesome tools in development by Google and other companies that will put smaller companies on par with industry giants. The only thing that will separate them, is the amount of data available. Data is the new oil. Big Data drives AI, and AI is kind of useless without Big Data.

So to sum up, yes AI might sound scary, but at some point you will have to embrace what it can do, and what it can do for your company.

So our first digital marketing tip of 2020 is to tell your Digital Marketing agency(even if its not us) to just make sure your Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel codes are installed on your website. These analytic tools will then start collecting information on all the visitors to your page that you can later use with data driven marketing.

These blog entries serves as our Digital Marketing company’s journey into Machine Learning, to see how we can grow by using AI to better our marketing for us and our clients. Feel free to follow us to come along for the Machine Learning journey and maybe pick up some easy marketing tips for your own company.