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If you have ever used Google, you have probably seen those ads at the very top of the search result pages. These are called Google Pay Per Click Ads.

The reason people pay crazy money to be in these ad slots, is because of the sheer amount of people clicking on them. If done correctly, these Pay Per Click ads provides the very best return on  marketing investment in the entire digital advertising space.

We are certified Google Ads professionals.

To ensure we spend your marketing budget in the most efficient way possible, we have undergone and passed multiple Google Certifications to deliver the best results possible.
marketing calculations to improve return on ad spend

Our profit formula:

Have some PayPerClick questions?


What is needed to start with PPC?
For the best possible PayPerClick marketing results, we suggest combining optimized landing pages with outstanding product offers. Combining this with excellent market and keyword research, you are sure to see some great PPC results.


What is a typical conversion rate?
Depending on the campaign goals and industry, normal conversion rates ranges between 1-3%. Using an average of 2% conversion rate allows us to calculate a close to accurate figure you need to spend to see a  great return on marketing spend.


How long before I see results?
The best thing about digital marketing is the ability to have your ads in front of customers in literally hours, greatly beating traditional marketing that would have a typical turn-around time of 1 to 3 weeks at the very least!


How much does a click cost?
Click costs varies greatly between industries, we have found market niches with zero competitors and fat profit margins. We have also seen clicks cost up to R700 EACH in the largest industries like insurance and properties.


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