Website Maintenance Plans.

Why a website maintenance plan is important.

1. Keeps your website healthy

Most people think that once a website has been designed, it should just always be working. And that sounds very logical, but behind the scenes, modern websites depend on a vast number of technologies to function correctly.
Some of our website maintenance plans
how our WordPress websites are built


Our basic websites are built with WordPress and other plugins. This means that as code improves, new versions of WordPress and these plugins become available to keep your website secured and optimized.


Sometimes code breaks, and it takes some time to become aware that your website might be down. Keeping up with your website maintenance plan ensures optimal website uptime and preserves search engine ranking.
a laptop showing website maintenance
Why did we implement maintenance plans?
a pc showing website maintenance being performed

Prevent or reduce outdated website crashes.

A website we built 3 years ago broke down when the theme auto-updated to a newer version. This new version made the old website building blocks incompatible with the backend server language.

Ensure search engines loves your website.

Hackers are always looking for new ways to break into websites. This is the main reasons why WordPress and plugins are updated so frequently. This means that the almighty Google favours a website that uses the most up to date, secure versions of website software.

Help clients understand maintenance vs hosting.

Sometimes it helps to think of your website as a new car. Your yearly hosting fees can be seen as your typical licensing and registration fees, whereas your website maintenance can be seen as your car's maintenance plan. If you never take your car for a service, it will probably break down at some point, costing you a fortune to repair. The main difference here is you will probably notice the moment your car breaks down, but how often do you visit your own website? What happens if a visitor finds your broken site? Will they report it to you or just move on to a competitor? Regular website check-ins (included in the maintenance plan) ensures you will never have to find out.

Remind clients to update their content regularly

As humans, we are prone to the "out of sight - out of mind" mindset. Having a constant reminder and update schedule helps clients remember that their websites are a living entity, and should be revisited frequently to keep all of their content up to date.


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