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Your website is the first contact point people have of you the web. So if your website looks like it was made in 1996 and doesn't even work well on mobile, what will potential customers think about your company?


For the past seven years, we have experimented with various website development tools. For 2022, we will be offering two different solutions, each with their own unique benefits and best client use cases.

Option 1 : Wordpress Websites.

a Website we designed for Steakshop
a Website we designed for GreenCo Energy
a Website we designed for Litzkee Heating.
a Website we designed for Huweliksfokus
a Website we designed for Cycad Estate Polokwane
a Website we designed for Galaxy Doors
WordPress websites are ideal for companies on a budget. These websites normally serves to showcase their products and services on the wonderful  web. Built with our premium Elementor themes, our WordPress website designs offers a lower price point and faster turn-around times than our more custom web development solutions.
WordPress websites are great for E-Commerce stores. Because of the powerful WordPress plugin library, E-Commerce websites are easier than ever to setup.

Option 2 : Webflow Websites

This website you are looking at right now is our latest project in Webflow
a New WebFlow website design is coming soon
a New WebFlow website design is coming soon
Our custom Webflow websites are ideal for clients that wants their website to be truly one of a kind. These Webflow websites are hand-built to suit your exact needs, user journeys and your brand identity.

Our Webflow websites are about 3 times faster than any WordPress website. This advantage comes from the fact that the Webflow platform inherently uses cleaner, more optimized code than WordPress.

This amazing feature has two major benefits. Number one is that your website loads almost instantly. This gives your online visitors a positive first user experience and higher content engagement rates. Secondly, website load time is a massive SEO ranking factor for search engines, often resulting in much better search page rankings.


Do you have an web app idea? Our development stack includes HTML5, CSS3, Jquery, JavaScript and React. We can develop your web project all the way from inception to launch. As these projects always differ in complexity, please contact our team for more information.
web app development using the latest stack including React

Why our website design is better:

What a good question. What makes one website design better than the next? Well, it boils down to about 4 crucial parts, and we have listed them below in a neat format for you to enjoy:


How clean is your code?
Websites are complicated, and most website designers just don't care enough about their clients to learn the in's and out's of actual website design. We on the other hand, we spent the past seven long years learning how to write beautiful clean code and then combine it with the best web design software.


How good is your SEO?
Most website designers say they use the very best SEO practices when building your website. But how do you actually know? Well with us, we can show you how great your SEO is using Google's own tools called Lighthouse. This helps our clients see their website is actually built with best SEO practices in mind.


Mobile responsiveness
With almost 70% of all people using their phones as their preferred browsing device, your website better be damn brilliant on mobile. Other mobile factors include fast loading times, compressed image sizes and content that scales down to fit small screens too.


Is your content king?
Saving the best point for last, if you haven't heard that content is king, you need a new website designer. Persuasive copywriting combined with great SEO practices is a skillset often overlooked by bad web designers, which means less sales for their clients.


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