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Professional website design is vital to any real company's success, as its the very first impression people get of your brand online. If your website looks outdated and tired, you are without a doubt losing actual clients to your competitors online.

Our website design services:

Get a website design that actually works!

Wordpress Website Design

We design mobile friendly, search engine optimized Wordpress websites at affordable pricing points. All of our work is done in-house to ensure that we can deliver a quality service and product every single time.

E-commerce Website Design

Sell your products and accept payments easily from all over the world. We design WordPress + Woocommerce websites and integrate with well known payment portals such as PayFast, PayGate, Yoco and more.

Domain Hosting Services

Start your online journey by getting the perfect domain that suits your company. Our affordable hosting services include : domain setup, email setup, domain transfers, SSL certificate installation and way more.
We understand just how important great website design is. We also understand that in these strange times, people are looking for affordable website design. So we offer both affordable template website designs for smaller companies, and custom websites for larger companies looking to dominate their market sectors online.

Why our web design process is better:

Not all websites are created equally...

Mobile First Approach

In the past few years, the world has shifted to a mobile first approach. We use our phones for basically everything online, from finding a shop number to ordering our favorite pizzas. And in 2018, Google even went as far as switching their search engine indexing to a mobile first approach. This just means that if your website is not built to perform exceptionally well on mobile, you are probably losing about 70% of your internet traffic and leads.

And it's exactly for this reason that we design our websites to look great on mobile first, then reduce page load times through image optimization as well as tweaking content to adhere to mobile SEO best practices.

Designed with the end user as first priority

Content will always be king. Your website could be a work of art as far as design is concerned, but if the content is weak and poorly written, the website has failed in its primary goal of turning online visitors into qualified leads.

That is why at Pixel By Pixel we always start any website design project with our digital marketing strategy. This ensures that we can align your products to solve the needs of your customer audience. This stage includes competitor research, buyer personas development, wire-frame design as well as multiple copy-writing revision rounds and more.

Built in SEO techniques and best practices

Once our mobile friendly website looks great and has the right content, its time for all the technical fun stuff. Onsite SEO deals with optimizing the website to comply with around 200 ranking factors that are used by Google and other search engines.

After the onsite SEO has been completed, we also ensure your website gets the best head start for ranking well by ensuring proper sitemap indexing to Google Search, analytics tracking installation, multiple browser testings and more geeky stuff.

Some of our website design projects:

We dont like to brag but...


E-Commerce Website Design

Galaxy Doors

Logo Design, Website Design

Cycad Estate Polokwane

Membership Website Design

Steakshop Polokwane

E-Commerce Website Design

188 Worx

Logo Design, Website Design

Simply Pizza

E-commerce Website Design

Components of a website project:

We love building websites pixel by pixel...

1. Planning + Research Phase

All of our website project starts with discussing goals and how success will be measured. We then start researching target keywords, your competitors, your target audience as well as their key user demographics.

2. Wireframing + Copy-Writing Phase

In this phase we start planning the basic layout of the website content with wireframes. Once this is done we start writing content that aims to educate and persuade clients to both trust and buy from your brand.

3. Website design + Build Phase

Once we have completed the wireframe and copy writing phase, we start by setting up the Wordpress CMS, begin building the basic website layout and also design the graphic elements needed.

4. Onsite SEO Phase

After we have the first draft of the website completed, we start implementing onsite SEO and other search engine best practices to help your new website kick off its ranking journey on search engines like Google and Bing.

5. Mobile Testing + Polish Phase

In this phase we start testing the website on different mobile devices and web browsers. This ensures that your new website will perform well on the new mobile first approach used by Google and other search engines.

6. Launch + Search Engine Setup Phase

Launch day has finally arrived and after crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s, we are excited to launch your brand new website. We then setup your Google Analytics, Google Search Index and Google My Business pages.

Our website design features:

Always remember to compare apples to apples
HTML 5 Clean Code
CSS 3 Design Standards
Optimized Image Sizes
Wordpress CMS Platform
Photoshop(PSD) Format Designs
Mobile Responsive Testing
Custom Google Analytics Setup
Custom Facebook Pixel Setup
Oxygen 3 Development
Google Search Indexing
Growth Driven Sales Copy
Mailchimp Integration

Have some FAQ's?

These are the questions we get asked the most


Ofcourse! We understand that budget always plays a role. Your problem would be that you will be competing against other professional website designers in your own market space. But if you feel confident enough about your UX design, SEO, keyword research knowledge, go for it :)


Wordpress is a content management system that powers around 44% of all websites across the entire world. As such, Wordpress gets updated regularly and is supported by millions of web developers worldwide. Second only to custom websites, Wordpress CMS is the KING of the web.


This is always a tricky question, as there is no such thing as a standard website, and pricing brackets can be very wide (sometimes ranging from R500-R50 000 for the same website project) depending on the skill level of the web designer. For this reason we always do custom quotes.


Answers could vary depending on the scope of work, but most of our website projects has turn around time from 2 weeks up to 6 weeks. This depends heavily on the quality of content, designer schedules as well as the meeting schedules of all relevant project stakeholders.

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